One of my favourite things about the Philippines was the ubiquitous Jeepneys. Sometimes called Jeeps, they are the most popular mode of public transportation, they are known for crowded seating and kitsch decorations, they bring an amazing amount of colour to the Philippine roads. They are cheap to ride in, and not that expensive to rent for a day with the driver (I think we paid around ₱800 / £12  for a day in Siquijor). Jeepneys were originally made from US military jeeps left over from the Second World War. The word Jeepney has two possible origins:

  1. A combination  of "jeep" and "jitney", both words in common slang from the popular vernacular of the era: "jitney" being a popular term for an American taxicab, and a "jeep" a newly coined term to describe a type of military vehicle (origin from General Purpose, or GP, hence Jeep).
  2. It is a portmanteau of "jeep" and "knee", because the passengers sit in very close proximity to each other.

Whatever the origin I captured a few photos of them for your viewing pleasure