Glasgow University

It was an interesting wander around the University of Glasgow on Sunday. It dredged up a lot of old memories from my time at Glasgow (Caledonian) before I started at the University of St Andrews. I spent just over three months in what is quite possibly the worst place I have ever lived. I think the excitement of living on my own at 17 clouded the fact that the dampness was spreading throughout the flat. When I passed by it on Sunday it looks like it has been renovated. I will never forget the time that the bailiffs appeared at the door looking for the landlord. Fun times!

The walk around this area and the memories that came to me didn't dampen (ouch) my spirits though. It was a great day out, much better than the last trip to Glasgow, mainly because it was in an area that I knew a lot better. There was only three of us on the trip and it was great to meet someone new, Ash, she was a splendid guide for the day as well!

I've posted the photographs that I like below. 


A little taste of Glasgow

A fantastic day and night out in Glasgow was had by @davidgulliver_photography, @archarlton1 and myself yesterday on a small Instameet. Time is pressing today to go through the photographs and create a Glasgow gallery but I thought I would put up a couple of my favourites. Click to enlarge...

P.S. The SSE Hydro image was taken just before I was tackled by security on "their" campus. Your welcome ;-) The other image is a Charring cross long exposure.



sàmhchair : quietness, silence
Star Trail at Strathy Point (Lighthouse) - Credit: Gordon Mackie

Another week and another launched website! The first phase of the rebuild of Sàmhchair has been finished and am happy to see it go live this afternoon. It is a much improved site over the old one (who built that?) and it looks great.

The site is about the quiet village of Strathy in the north of Scotland. It was commissioned by a client who lives there and wanted to show the world what a wonderful place this is to live. If it becomes too popular though it might not be be as tranquil as it currently is though :-)

The first phase involved a total rebuild and getting the copy into the site. The next phase involves getting their webcam and weather station online!

Check it out the site at Sàmhchair.

Like the site? Does you site need updating? Get in touch.


Brownie and plate

Just back from a mornings consulting on the Florence and George website. They have just launched an online shop selling brownies. Freshly baked and in many flavours to suit all tastes! Have a look over at Florence and George!

It was also good getting some more experience implementing an online shop into a website! Takes a lot of time testing and perfecting on phone and desktop, and then the fun of testing if the payment system works correctly! 

Needless to say I can't think of a better way to spend a Tuesday morning than working on making a website even better than it already is and taste testing brownies.

Update: I almost forgot! Happy Pi day! :-)



Apple Store Photo Walk - Exploring the Grassmarket

I had a fun time this morning taking a guided tour around the Grassmarket in Edinburgh with members of the Apple Team and other iPhone / iPad photographers. The apple team members were very helpful in explaining how to use the Camera Application and brought along some hardware from the store to try out!

Although what the Apple Team members were explaining was prior knowledge to me, it was good to meet new people and to help them with some of the functions of their applications and photography techniques.

Interestingly the majority of the people were older (OAP's), this took me a little by surprise, but it was great to see an older generation really get to grips with this technology. It was surprising as I have never seen a lot of people (of an older generation) use this technology so adeptly.

The afternoon was taken over by a client meeting signing off a website, which will be part of the portfolio when this site relaunches in March. The site is Tenth Floor Photography, go visit it and leave some nice comments on his first blog post! :-)

For now I'll leave you with some of the shots from earlier today in the Grassmarket and surrounding area.!