I am William Adam, currently a resident of Stirling, Scotland. I have been educated at the University of St. Andrews (B.Sc. Geography), Keele University (Ph.D. Glacial Geology) and the University of Edinburgh (M.Sc. in Geographical Information Science). 

I am interested in photography, website design, coding and Open Source Geographical Information Systems and associated applications. I actively champion QGIS. I currently consult on various projects both professional and personal.

This website is an area to display some of my photography, views on technology and some philosophical ideas that interest me. I have a gallery that has some of my older photography in it. I take photographs for pleasure and enjoy getting out and away from life by taking long walks and lots of photographs. I like trying new things.

This incarnation of the site has been running since October 2014. The various routes to this website have been registered since 2000 (adamsbothy.com) and 2006 (williamadam.com / williamadam.info / beingprimitive.com) and 2014 (williamadam.org).


I currently live in Scotland after spending many years living in The Netherlands. I can’t express how important it is to live in at least one other country in your life, purely to compare the experience.

  • I primarily shoot my photographs on a Canon 5D mark III.

  • My Instagram photographs are shot on the various iPhones I have owned and my Canon 5D mark III.

  • I am one of the moderators for the Instagram hub @icu_scotland.

  • I also have a flickr account that hasn't been updated in a while.

  • I like wrestling with SQL, because like Spock; it’s logical.

Socially I tweet @willadam and post on Instagram: @willadam.