Go Pro Drone

GoPro - Karma

A bit of a scary recall from GoPro, their drone (UAV) has been recalled due to power failure when flying. All 2500 sold so far are being recalled. Am starting wonder whether any company is doing product testing before they release their products. Samsung's recent phone issue (exploding batteries in their flagship phone) has now been backed up by their recent washing machine problems, don't worry, only 34 models were recalled due to the lid flying off.

How hard can it be to test products? Full story here from PetaPixel.

Inner Geologist

My inner geologist can't get enough of this: Brunton Axis Pocket Transit. Featuring a dual-axis, hollow hinge for intuitive, efficient, accurate measurements of planes, lines, bearing and vertical angles. Strike and dip, trend and plunge all measured with one configuration. It's the sexiest piece of geological equipment since the geological hammer!

All for the low, low price of $799.99 (plus tax where applicable).