Forgotten Images

I was recently nominated by someone on Facebook to post landscape photographs for five days. My immediate thought was to post some from my Project 365 that I completed in 2013, but I decided to go through older photographs that I hadn't looked at for while.  

I was amazed at how many photographs were stored on my network drive that I hadn't even thought about for years. It took quite some time just to sift through them, even though they were fairly well organized, into years, months and location. It brought back some good memories of places that I had been and would like to revisit.

I was reminded of how much I like to travel and how it has been a while since I have been someplace that I could spend time just taking photographs and not needing to worry about anything else. Spending time doing fieldwork in Greenland was very much like that, everyday was similar but different. Four weeks at the margin of the ice sheet and all that I had to think about was glaciers, sample collection and what was going to be cooked for dinner that night. Good times. Images below are of the Leverett Glacier in Greenland. Not to be confused with the Leverett Glacier in Antarctica.


Summer night strolling in The Hague

I sometimes forget how much I enjoying strolling around The Hague in the summer nights.  Although the light doesn't last as long as in my homeland, there is still a lot of activities going on around The Hague. I particularly enjoy going out with my camera and finding new place or old favourites to take pictures. Unfortunately I wasn't really thinking when I decided to go for a walk last night and left the house with nothing but shades and my iPhone.

I once heard someone say that the best camera is the one you have with you. Thankfully I had my iPhone with me, which became my camera of choice on this particular stroll. Click on the photographs for the larger version.

May the warm days and long evenings last, thanks for reading!

Village of Thatched Houses

Excellent day trip to Giethoorn, a little north and east of Amsterdam. Giethoorn's name originates from the first inhabitants discovery of hundreds of goat horns (giethoorns) in the marshland which were remnants of a 10th century flood.

Described as the 'Venice of the North' - quiet, serene and remote.  Remote yes, quiet - not so much, especially not on as beautiful a day as I visited. The economy of the village is based almost entirely on tourism so it was not a surprise how busy it was.  I have posted some pictures below of the village, and more can be found in the Giethoorn gallery page.


The Hague

I have been choosing to take alternative routes through The Hague when I am out walking to see if I can see other views of buildings or scenes that I may have overlooked before.  This was captured on my iPhone on the way home a few evenings ago.

Taken where Korte Voorhout meets Koningskade.

Taken where Korte Voorhout meets Koningskade.