The Meadows, Edinburgh

I spent a sunny, rainy and cloudy afternoon wandering around the Meadows with @alycoste getting some pictures of the Cherry Blossoms before they leave us again, until next year anyway.

The Meadows is a large public park in Edinburgh, Scotland, to the south of the city centre. It consists largely of open grassland crossed by tree-lined paths, but also has a children's playground, a croquet club, tennis courts and sports pitches as well as the Cricket Lawn and Pavilion Cafe. It is bordered by the University of Edinburgh's George Square campus and the Quartermile development.

It was a busy day with tourists and photographers but fuelled with Starbucks we persevered to get some photography done! :-) I realised earlier that I shot some of the same images last year around this time, on a Saturday morning walk.


Saturday Morning Walk

Taking a little time going through the meadows on Saturday morning. Mostly taking time as Starbucks didn't open till 8am... It reminded me of the film ,The Last Samurai, with the character Katsumoto remarking:

A perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one and it would not be a wasted life

Perhaps not perfect, but certainly making the walk through The Meadows more pleasant.