#lighttrailsnotlovers (update)

Update - Contrary to what is written below we have decided to use  account @lighttraillovers and not @lighttrailsnotlovers. 

The wonderful @alycoste came up with the hashtag "#lighttrailsnotlovers" last week during our trip to the meadows. Having purchased a DSLR recently she was very keen to try it out on light trails. Her recent evening trip to shoot light trails in Glasgow took a few unexpected turns, mostly to  bars, thanks to @archarlton1 and @davidgulliver_photography. So we hit a road bridge over the M8 last night in Swanston to practice the art of long exposures (in the photography sense).

This was my favourite shot last night: f9, 21mm, ISO 100 and 30sec exposure. The sky was a merge of red from the light pollution of Edinburgh and blue from the darkness of the Pentland Hills. The cold and misty rain added to the fun with @tinagulliver, @davidgulliver_photogrpahy & @alycoste!

Seeing as the hashtag is new and the instagram account was free I decided to setup the instagram account lighttrailsnotlovers, use the hashtag if you want to be featured!


Swanston @lighttrailsnotlovers #lighttrailsnotlovers