I have just heard the the piece of modern art "Still" has been 'relocated' from St Fillans (Loch Earn) to an undisclosed location, according to @scottjessimanphotography and a few others on Instagram this morning. Hopefully it will re-appear somewhere else as beautiful as Loch Earn.

This is really disappointing as I have spent many hours there taking pictures of this fantastic figure. I should be happy that I still have the memories and the images. Here is one to remember it by.

Re-visiting the Mirror Man

Satrurday night saw myself and @alycoste taking an impromptu visit to Saint Fillans to take some shots of Rob Mulholland's artpience "Still", commonly known as the mirror man. I have more details about it in my original post from May. The weather turned out better than expected and it appeared that many people had the same idea as we met @espixie @_liam_jardine and @katie_smith80 all there taking photographs as well!

It was really nice to meet some new people that are also keen photographers and instagrammers, one of my favourite aspects of this social media platform. As I have posted about this sculpture and the area before I am just going to post some of my images here, click to enlarge on tablet/desktop.


Still sculpture

It is well known that I am not the most spontaneous of people, but on Monday night I decided to take a drive to St Fillans, a small town in Perthshire at the eastern side of Loch Earn. It had been a clear cloudless day and I was hoping to get some photographs of the sculpture - Still, by Rob Mulholland. He is a sculptor and environmental artist based in the United Kingdom who exhibits throughout the U.K and world-wide.

From his website he describes Still:

The solitary figure stands at the head of a Loch Earn. The figure symbolises the physical and spiritual relationship between humans and the natural wilderness. The figure is in constant flux, the small panels that form the sculpture are being torn away with the prevailing wind, being re - shaped by the natural forces. It investigates the fundamental aspects of self awareness and our connection with our environment.
— Rob Mulholland

For a photographer it's an amazing thing to photograph as it looks very eerie standing on the loch. I spent at least two hours at the loch side taking photographs and meeting a fellow Instagrammer @davidmccr

The first two photographs were my favourite and these were "squared" and uploaded to my Instagram profile. These shots were featured in @icuscotland and @sunrise.sunset.scotland, which I was really happy about. It was nice to receive some positive feedback about them.

The next two I also liked, one wider shot than the other, the left one taken a little earlier than the right shot.

I was really happy with these photographs primarily because I think that I am starting to get a feel for taking more moody photographs, especially the darker shot in this series. Some of the ideas and techniques that I learned recently really paid off in this trip.