Edinburgh autumn

I travelled to Edinburgh for the first time in what feels like months (except for train journeys passing through). I was meeting up with a fellow M.Sc. student that had some free time before her journey back south ( @kmurphster ). It’s always great seeing friends from the M.Sc. course and hearing on how they are getting on with their careers and life decisions.

I decided to talk a walk along Princess Street gardens as I had some time on my hands and the weather was nice and crisp. It also gave me some time to think about some problems that I need to solve in work. The problem is primarily finding one good solution to loading all Ordnance Survey data into a PostGIS database, instead of having one workflow for each data type. It would be more logical to have one workflow that fits all data types, or at the very least uses one program without having to do a ton of coding.

I find that having these types of thoughts at the back of my mind being processed without me really ‘thinking’ about it can often provide a solution, or at least things to try. Alas, it appears I’ll have to spend more time actually thinking about it.

On the bright side I did get a few photographs of the autumn that has come over Edinburgh on the day that the clocks change :-)

Thanks for reading!