The Hague

I travelled back to The Hague last week to take care of some administration and to catch up with friends. It's getting harder to meet with friends there of late primarily because they keep leaving to pastures new.

The city is changing, every time I visit I notice these changes, cafes disappearing, new shops appearing and of course new tram routes just to confuse me. It makes me wonder how much changed during the time I lived there that I didn't notice. Change, it seems to me, is more evident when you don't look for a period of time.

I had a lot of time to think while walking around the city (roughly 16km each day I was there) and I was able to bring my attention to the present instead of rooting around in my mind at things I have experienced in the past in The Hague. It was nice to be there and to have a still mind.

I still love this city. It almost defies explanation. I feel so comfortable there. There is no single thing that I can say that makes it such a great place for me, but when it is all combined there is no place I would rather be. Perhaps, I just haven't travelled enough. Of course, there is always a difference between travelling to new locations and living in new locations.

I didn't get much time to take photographs but these are the ones that I like when I did manage to get time. These photographs are from Scheveningen, a modern seaside resort with a long, sandy beach, an esplanade, a pier, and a lighthouse. Click on them for the full size if your on a desktop or tablet. Oh, the photograph of the fishing vessel, I have almost this exact shot from 2013. I think I like the shot below more as you can see the industry of Rotterdam in the background.

So much change, yet so much the same.


The Hague

Two interpretations of The Hague. Much like my thinking when I am here.

I always enjoy being here. I enjoy spending time with my friends and hanging out in Huppel de Pub't Ogenblik and of course getting my hair cut in Studio Noordeinde. Much of my time here is now spent meeting clients or taking photographs.

I spend a lot of time thinking about past people, events and places when I am here, things that are never to return. I have realised this week that it is time to move on and forward and to make new memories. Essentially moving on from the past.



Rebekka Gu∂leifsdottir - Moodscapes

I recently bought Rebekka Gu∂leifsdottir's book titled "Moodscapes". The easter weekend has presented me with some free time to finally read it and enjoy the photographs within its pages. I can't recommend it enough, she introduces the evolution of photography, the basics of the photo triangle, equipment, composition and much more. It is very readable!

Many of her ideas resonated with me and in particular this line:

"The time, I got exactly the image I had been hoping for. This is proof that you should never settle for mediocre when you feel that you can do better"

I feel that a lot of my shots of late have been mediocre or worse, formulaic. Taken because it's an easy shot that looks good instead of pushing my own boundaries. This is what I hope to do now. It isn't easy to take a photograph nowadays that hasn't already been taken, but it is possible to take one that has your own signature look in it.

This may slow down the amount of shots that I post though :-)

North Coast 500

The weekend saw my passion for landscapes re-invogorated after diving around the majority of Scotland's North Coast 500 route. The route begins and ends at Inverness Castle and offers more than 500 miles of the best views in the North Highlands. The route way runs to and from Inverness, venturing round the capital of the Highlands, up the West Coast and back via the rugged north coast. It covers Inverness-shire, The Black Isle, Easter Ross, Caithness, Sutherland and Wester Ross.

Scotland in the sunshine is quite simply majestic. I have travelled these areas all my life but I think this was one of the best trips of my life. It eclipsed Route One in California (LA to San Fran). The views of Stac Pollaidh, Suilaven and Ben Loyal to name but a few were simply stunning. The road weaves, climbs and descents around the coast mostly in single track roads with passing places.

Quite simply, if the weather is good, it has to be done when visiting Scotland. I have added a few shots below that were taken on the iPhone as I haven't had time to process the DSLR shots yet. 

In other news, Phase two of Samhchair got underway this weekend and the StrathyCam is back up and running, check it out!