Bah Humbug

Christmas is coming, it always feels more official when two thing happen, Apple releases their holiday advert and Michael Bublé wakes from his hibernation and releases a Christmas Album. Oh come on, tell me I am wrong.


I learned a couple of things from the Graham Norton show interview with The Bublé (why yes, I did get this post idea from Graham Norton). He is Canadian, super humble and sounds like a really nice guy. Not a guy you’d go for a night out with, but maybe visit him with the wife and kids (you know, if you have that sort of thing). Also, he really doesn’t like the above meme as it is his opinion that everyone now thinks he lives in a cave. Hmmm, perhaps he is a little soft in the head and that’s why he is so nice even for a Canadian).

Anyway, the Apple Holiday ad: bleugh. It’s very, meh, what are you advertising here? A laptop? Knitting? It’s all a bit soft a furry. It’s even worse than the 2016 adverts of the moody kid that is creepily recording everything. However, the sentiment is to share your gifts “Have you ever made something wonderful but were to afraid to share?” The song that is played in the videio is Come out to play, by Billie Eilish. She is some millennial that I have never heard of, but an interesting fact about her: one of her middle names is “Pirate”.

So, there you have it, my bah humbug to the start of the Holiday Season, because my word, calling it the Christmas Holidays now is just so radical…

Alto’s Odyssey

Following up from the hugely successful Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey was released today in the Apple App Store (also available on Android).

It's a remarkably simple game that is hugely addictive, an endless snowboard journey (on sand this time) across the desert achieving different tricks and tasks.  

The graphics, sound and music create an amazingly immersive atmosphere (best experienced with earphones). Like the original there is also a Zen mode in which you just ride without the nuisance of thinking about points and tasks! 

If my time playing this version is anything like the original I am about to lose a lot of sleep! Priced at £4.99/$4.99 on the App Store, more expensive than the original but totally worth it (and hey, it’s only two lattes worth). Would also recommend the original if you like this version!