Project work


'Starting' to finish a couple of projects that I have been working on. Getting started was slow process but I can finally see the progress coming together.  

Over the next two weeks I should have one new website up and running and another 'over-hauled' allowing my own consulting page to go live on this website, which will also be re-branded. 

It has been over a year now since my good friends at Florence and George launched. Watching their business come together has provided inspiration and ideas of what individuals, small businesses and clubs require from a web designer/coder. My plan is to provide a more personal feel with clients in a 'Jerry Maguire' kind of way.

It has been my experience that many people are intimidated by the internet and talking to designers when they have not had much exposure to this technology. It is my hope to provide a 'safe place' where they can talk over their ideas and to feel that they can ask any question no matter how simple or complicated. 

Sabbatical over? Or is doing what you love not really a job?