Pi Day

I usually remember Pi Day but it escaped my notice until I was walking home after practical class today! My second to last assessment was handed in this morning and my last assessment was handed out this afternoon, for further spatial analysis. It looks interesting, cluster analysis.

It was a cold clear day in Edinburgh which made for a great magic hour at dusk. I also deviated from my usual way home and snapped a shot which I added to the Edinburgh gallery. I actually shot a lot on the way home but this was the only one I was happy with. It reminded me to try and walk places in a different way everyday so that there is a chance to see new locations and original ways to compose photographs.

This photograph was taken at the back of the Edinburgh University College of Art. I like the scene with the corroding sign on the wall and the back of the castle in the background.

It seems that the academic year is passing very fast with my last class being next Monday afternoon. After that I will be working full time on my dissertation which currently has the title "Identifying the potential for Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in north-western Nepal". It's a pity there isn't any fieldwork allowed... Perhaps I'll go after the course finished.