Tea Cups and Rainbow Cake

"Large streams from little fountains flow, Mighty oaks from little acorns grow" - 14th Century Proverb.

@florenceandgeorge (Instagram) is starting an afternoon tea and cake service and asked me if I would take some photographs for her website, and if I would help with the testing of the products! How could I say no? I am known for having more of a savoury tooth than a sweet tooth, but I never pass the chance up to take some pictures and learn some new techniques in the process. I thought I would upload my favorites from the first shoot onto the website.  I have put a gallery up here.

I am always inspired by people who 'break out' to do something they love instead of something that just pays the bills. I need to think carefully about this idea over the next few months. My mind wrestles a lot, of late, about this year I have taken out of my career to dip back into academic learning. I was hoping the time would also give me a chance to see what was really important in my life and what I really wanted out of it. I am yet to draw any conclusions which I find frustrating. I am usually more decisive.

Of course, it's a first world problem wondering what to do with life while in many regions of the world, at best, you either work or go hungry. I am thankful that those are not the choices that I have to make. But everyone, whether in a privileged position or not, have to make choices. I am no exception to this rule.