Baking unicorns

I spent a morning taking a little video of a Unicorn cake getting baked last week for Instagram. Like most things in life what should have been fairly quick ended up taking a lot longer than I estimated. I forgot to use the rule of Pi, "however long you think a task will take to do, multiply it by Pi". 

It was the first time I have used time lapse on the iPhone so it was a little experimental, but it was fun, and there was cake at the end of it. Tasty, tasty cake. I also make a guest appearance in some of the scenes ;-) 

The cake was made by Clare from Florence and George. I edited the video together and composed the music on the video as I ran into copyright issues when I tried to use Hyuna's Bubble Pop song (remember that rule of Pi?). Anyway, see the video below or on my Instagram page.

For tasty cake or proper afternoon tea see Florence and George.


Inner Geologist

My inner geologist can't get enough of this: Brunton Axis Pocket Transit. Featuring a dual-axis, hollow hinge for intuitive, efficient, accurate measurements of planes, lines, bearing and vertical angles. Strike and dip, trend and plunge all measured with one configuration. It's the sexiest piece of geological equipment since the geological hammer!

All for the low, low price of $799.99 (plus tax where applicable).




Powerful Photoshop Techniques

A lack of posting has mainly been due to being kept busy with my to-do list. During one of my many procrastination points I did find this excellent video on YouTube that discusses Photoshop and some of the more powerful techniques that can be used.

It's a bit more technical than I usually post.

Marvel Music

I discovered a really interesting video on Vimeo about the music used in the Marvel Universe films. It hinges on how we remember music and theme tunes from some films and not others. Movies like the James Bond theme, Star Wars, Star Trek etc. are easily recalled (and some times stick in our mind like a bad ear worm). People are asked in the video below about the Marvel theme tunes and are dumbstruck.

To me the most salient point of the video was that "no-one remembers safe choices". I think this applies in many areas of life as well as Marvel movies music content.

The video is about 15 mins long but well worth watching, with headphones. ;-)


New academic Year, new academic students.

It seems almost surreal that the M.Sc. course I completed last year has started again. I have been helping out in some of the practicals which has also allowed me some time to work on the paper that I am trying to publish.

It's interesting talking to the new students and discussing with them about some of the course options and what they hope to get out of the course. It's amazing how similar their thoughts are to what I was thinking last year. 

I am keeping myself busy mostly with application forms for employment, learning R (a statistical programming language), learning some statistics (because I am gluten for punishment) and re-drawing diagrams for the paper I am writing. I also have three interviews next week, which is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

Seeing as the new academic year has started I thought it was about time that I posted a couple of the photographs from August when my class and I were celebrating finishing our dissertations with some of the academic staff :-)