It’s been almost 5 years since I vistied Beijing. It is still one of my favourite journeys that i have taken. It was great because I was sent by work, therefore my expenses were taken care of and it was great because I spent a couple of weeks after the work being a tourist. I saw many amazing things that changed my view of China. 

The Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China.

I was amazed at how modern the city was and how vast the contrast was economically with the surrounding countryside. I visited so many tourist spots that I basically lost count but I still remember getting up at 4am to visit the wall and the 13 tombs of the Ming dynasty. Of course I remember getting up at 4am because to me this is a crime against humanity. 

So what prompts me to write this short post?  

I have noticed over the past few months that my readership (of this journal) is increasingly coming from China, and Beijing in particular. It makes me wonder why and it pleases me that I am not blocked by the great firewall of China :-) 

So, if you are reading from this region of the world, drop me an email or comment below :-) 



I was asked where the videos from project 365 (2013) and my trip to Beijing were, I thought it was easier to post them here.

This video is about Project 365 2013. The full set of pictures can be viewed at

Video with photographs taken in and around Beijing, January 2014. All photographs can be seen at