Rebekka Gu∂leifsdottir - Moodscapes

I recently bought Rebekka Gu∂leifsdottir's book titled "Moodscapes". The easter weekend has presented me with some free time to finally read it and enjoy the photographs within its pages. I can't recommend it enough, she introduces the evolution of photography, the basics of the photo triangle, equipment, composition and much more. It is very readable!

Many of her ideas resonated with me and in particular this line:

"The time, I got exactly the image I had been hoping for. This is proof that you should never settle for mediocre when you feel that you can do better"

I feel that a lot of my shots of late have been mediocre or worse, formulaic. Taken because it's an easy shot that looks good instead of pushing my own boundaries. This is what I hope to do now. It isn't easy to take a photograph nowadays that hasn't already been taken, but it is possible to take one that has your own signature look in it.

This may slow down the amount of shots that I post though :-)