My final set of photographs from my recent trip to The Netherlands. I spent the day in Rotterdam with @catwith8lives soaking in the sun and wandering around the city. Rotterdam is a major port city in the Dutch province of South Holland. It has a long seafaring history. During the second world war it was almost totally destroyed and since then it is renown for its bold modern architecture.

I haven't spent a lot of time in Rotterdam, although I have a few photos in my back catalogue. I was eager to take some shots of the Erasmusbrug, which you will notice from the images below is missing. The shots I got of it were just so bad I would be embarrassed to display them publicly. The light was 'weird' and I couldn't get the angle I wanted and I have about another 40 excuses I could use, but really my problem was that I wanted the shot to be at night and long exposure. I guess I will take this into account the next time I am there and not go on the sunniest hottest day ever in the middle of summer. The ‘Erasmusbrug’ (Erasmus Bridge) is one of the icons of Rotterdam. One of Holland’s most famous bridges, it was officially opened by Queen Beatrix in 1996 as an important connection between the Northern and Southern parts of Rotterdam. One day I will get the shot that I want, it just didn't happen on this day...

I did visit the "Kubuswoningen" (Cube Houses) which were fantastic to look around and also visited the Martkhall (Market Hall) which was a very impressive structure, especially good for lunch and other various goodies that are in the images below.