Entrance to Quad

Was super happy for a couple of reasons yesterday. The Instagram account @thehub_bnw reposted my photo from the University of Glasgow entitled Entrance to Quad.  It was taken on my last trip to Glasgow and it was nice to see it get some recognition and over 500 likes so far (on their account), not that I am counting them.

Entrance to the Quad.

The other thing that made me happy yesterday was finally opening my Web Design site, Adam Design Studio. So far April has been quite good :-)


A little taste of Glasgow

A fantastic day and night out in Glasgow was had by @davidgulliver_photography, @archarlton1 and myself yesterday on a small Instameet. Time is pressing today to go through the photographs and create a Glasgow gallery but I thought I would put up a couple of my favourites. Click to enlarge...

P.S. The SSE Hydro image was taken just before I was tackled by security on "their" campus. Your welcome ;-) The other image is a Charring cross long exposure.



Saturday (28th Jan) saw myself on a photo-trip to Glasgow with @davidgulliver_photogrpahy (David), @alycoste (Alayne), @jensinscotland (Jens) & @omr_photography (Oliver). It was hard not to call them by their Instagram handles all day.

We managed to get round a few areas of the city; George Square, The Necropolis, Glasgow Cathedral, various dodgy alleyways (that David was obsessed with) and down to the River Clyde. I took about 400 photographs altogether and was happy with about three of them (two of which were taken on my iPhone). I think that I am still out of practice composing and not overthinking things when it comes to the settings.

It was nice to go out photographing with other people, hearing their ideas and perspectives on various photographic topics. *Shockingly I don't have a group photo! But if one is passed on to me I'll enter into this post :-)*