The Hermitage, Dunkeld

Finally posting some photos from The Hermitage from my visit on the 29th of October. Mental note never to visit again when the weather is good...everyone and there dog was there and it felt like the entire population of Scotland was on the road when heading back that evening.

Nestled in the north of Perthshire amid towering Douglas Firs is a pleasure ground built in the 18th century for the Dukes of Atholl. The River Braan runs through this area with many waterfalls the most impressive of which is overlooked by Ossian's Hall. The hall was built in 1757 as the focal point and is a splendid spot to watch the waterfall that roars beneath.



Instead of having a lazy Sunday I decided to drive up to Dunkeld, I was really sure where I was actually going but Dunkeld felt like far enough! Dunkeld is a small town in Perth and Kinross, Scotland. It is about 15 miles north of Perth on the eastern side of what is now the A9 road into the Scottish Highlands. The road into the town passes over the River Tay where there is still the Old Toll Cottage, thankfully now you don't have to pay to cross.

I had a wander round the town for a couple of hours in the glorious sunshine and have posted some of the photo's below.