Baking unicorns

I spent a morning taking a little video of a Unicorn cake getting baked last week for Instagram. Like most things in life what should have been fairly quick ended up taking a lot longer than I estimated. I forgot to use the rule of Pi, "however long you think a task will take to do, multiply it by Pi". 

It was the first time I have used time lapse on the iPhone so it was a little experimental, but it was fun, and there was cake at the end of it. Tasty, tasty cake. I also make a guest appearance in some of the scenes ;-) 

The cake was made by Clare from Florence and George. I edited the video together and composed the music on the video as I ran into copyright issues when I tried to use Hyuna's Bubble Pop song (remember that rule of Pi?). Anyway, see the video below or on my Instagram page.

For tasty cake or proper afternoon tea see Florence and George.