Walk around town

I managed to get some time to walk around parts of Edinburgh when the rain stopped for the first time this year. It was also perfectly cold with frost on the grass and the smaller puddles frozen. It was nice to get some fresh air and to think about something that I find relaxing for a morning. I posted the photographs in the Edinburgh gallery.

I also got conned this week. I actually fell for an Ebay scammer, offering way above the price for an iPad that I am selling. I am not sure why this din't set alarm bells of in my head... I had actually dropped the package off at the post office, such was my delight at selling the iPad. It wasn't until I checked the the (fake Paypal) email later that I realised that I had been 'had' so to speak. I am usually very careful and often worry about people close to me falling for this kind of thing, but to have it happen to myself was very humiliating. I am not sure who I was more angry at, myself or the scammer.

Thankfully, I managed to run to the post office that I posted the package from and the guys that worked in there were very understanding and actually gave me the package back. Had I been ten minutes later it would have been gone with the post. So, good news, I have an iPad for sale if anybody is interested. :-)