Castles, Coffee and Citylife

Two weeks of living in Edinburgh and a grand total of one photograph that I have taken that I am pleased with, taken with my iPhone, when I was slightly drunk (more about that later).  I keep reminding myself that I have at least an entire year here to take photographs and " DON'T PANIC ". I am also told by my tutors that the year will fly past at lightning speed. Who said anything about panicking?

The city is impressive, there is no denying it. It is busy, so very busy, with tourists, students, politicians, business people and of course those cheeky lads from Trainspotting. My coffee consumption has increased at an almost alarming rate. Can you believe that coffee isn't one of the major food groups? Starbucks' seem to appear at an exponential rate and there are amazing coffee shops at every corner in this city. My local favourite (to where I study) being Black Medicine Coffee Co., their website is out of 1996 but I'm putting that down to how busy they are.

Heriot Place, Edinburgh


It's been an interesting (side?) step, entering the M.Sc., the real course choices start next week and I am constantly questioning myself as to whether I am good enough or have I prepared enough and I think nervous energy is powering me through this initial introduction week. I also forgot how nice it is to meet lots of new people who are in a similar position. I do catch myself looking at them to see if they have similar nerves or doubts about themselves; or is it just me?

 I am off to a treasure hunt this afternoon, with drinks afterwords. I should probably go and prepare with some coffee. :-)