Semester down

It has been a while since I last wrote a journal entry, which is personally disappointing, mostly because I like to have some photographs to update it with with but alas my free time for wandering has been severally restricted, this is not a complaint. It has been restricted by something that I am enjoying. In saying that I still update Instagram frequently. 

In the first week of the course I am pursuing I was told that it would pass by fast. Apparently, by fast they meant at neck breaking speed. Shockingly two blocks of courses have been done, several assignments, a long weekend field trip with little sleep and to top it off, four exams.

Wow. Exams. What fun! I swore that my viva would be the last exam I would  take, but apparently there isn't much call for glacial geologists in the real world.

Living in Edinburgh has been interesting. It is nice living somewhere where (most) everyone speaks English again, in saying that my last visit to the apple store was done mostly in Dutch as the assistant was studying linguistics and could speak Dutch. I spoke more Dutch to him in Scotland than I have done to any store assistant in The Netherlands. Perhaps, I actually know more Dutch than I thought.