I am William Adam, currently a resident of Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have been educated at the University of St. Andrews (B.Sc. Geography) and Keele University (Ph.D. Glacial Geology) and the University of Edinburgh (M.Sc. in Geographical Information Science). 

I am interested in photography, website design, coding and Geographical Information Systems. I currently consult on various projects both professional and personal. I am currently running a website design and implementation studio for small businesses, individuals and creatives. You can visit my professional side over at Adam Design Studio.

This website contains some of my photography, is a place to keep a record of life events, my general interests and any other ramblings that I feel is worthy of recording. This incarnation of the site has been running since October 2014. The various routes to this website have been registered since 2000 (adamsbothy.com) and 2006 (williamadam.com / williamadam.info / beingprimitive.com).

My time is split between The Netherlands and Scotland. When I am in The Hague (NL) I can often be found in 't Ogenblik a brasserie on Molenstraat. In Edinburgh I often spend time in Black Medicine Coffee, wandering the city with my camera in hand or meeting clients for exciting project opportunities.

  • I primarily shoot my photographs on a Canon 5D mark III. 
  • Most of my Instagram photographs are taken with my iPhone.
  • I also have a flickr account that hasn't been updated in a while.
  • I spend a lot of time designing and building websites.
  • I am a impulsive founder on kickstarter.com and indiegogo.com.

Socially speaking you can tweet me (@willadam) or follow me on Instagram (@willadam).